Thank you to these donors whose contributions honor every Oregonian who fought and worked on behalf of our country in World War II.

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Honoree Service Rank
ABLE $25,000 +      
State of Oregon      
 M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Melvin Jack Murdock US Coast Guard Seaman First Class
  Seaman First Class US Coast Guard US Coast Guard
  Sam C. Smith US Army Air Corps Captain
  Charles Howard Vollum US Army Signal Corps Captain
 The Salem Foundation - Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Fund Charles Epping Served 1941-1944 Merchant Marine  AB Seaman
  Francis Epping Served 1942-1945 US Navy  Petty Officer 1st Class
  Jerome Epping Served 1942-1945 US Navy  Petty Officer 1st Class
  William Epping Served 1944-1946 US Navy  Seaman 1st Class
  Larry Epping Served 1941-1946 US Navy  Full Lieutenant
 R.H. Parker/United Foundation Richard H. Parker US Army Air Corps Pilot, P47
  Burton E. Smith US Navy Commander
  Rolph B. Fuhrman US Army Air Corps Tech Sergeant
  Ernest C. Stempel US Marine Corps Captain, Pilot, F4U Corsair
Greg & Betsy Beam Hatton George R "Rich" Hatton US Navy 1941-1946 Pearl Harbor Survivor, USS Worden, Pacific Theater
  Burton T. Beam US Army-First Cavalry 1935-1960 European Theater, Korea
 Oregon Memorials Gordon Bronleewe  Army  Corporal
  Thomas Bronleewe Marines   Colonel
  Lauren Bronleewe Marines Lt. Colonel
Dick & Gayle Withnell  Harold James Withnell   US Army Air Corps   Corporal 
BAKER $10,000 - $24,999      
 OR State Elks  Association      
 A-Dec, Inc Howard Eberhard US Army  Private First Class
  Bill Nystrom US Marine Corps  Corporal
  John Nystrom US Navy  Petty Officer 2nd Class
  William Feltch US Army Air Corps  Staff Sergeant
Greg & Betsy Hatton  George R. "Rich" Hatton   US Navy   Pearl Harbor Survivor, USS Worden 
OTAK, Inc. Clarence Martin Hanson US Army Private - (Went through Normandy landing and served in France.  Father of Don Hanson, a Principal at Otak)
  John Albert Snider US Navy CSK(AA) - (A Pearl Harbor survivor. Grandfather of Jennifer Snider, a Project Assistant at Otak)
  Jack Alfred Emlet US Navy Machinist's Mate, First Class (MM1c) - (Grandfather of Shannon Graham, an Accounts Payable Administrater at Otak)
  John Michael Beyer Jr. US Marines Corporal - (He served for 26 months in the Pacific Theater (South Pacific).He was stationed on the Island of Peleliu where he served as an MP (Military Police). Father-in-law of Scott Sanders, a civil designer at Otak)
Col. Mary J. Mayer, USAF Ret Thomas Whetstone Mayer US Navy Seaman First Class (S1)
  Theodore A Baumeister Jr US Army 1st Lieutenant; MOAA founding member
  Mary L. MacDonald Feilen  US Army 2nd LT/L.S., Physical Therapist Aide/WWII (26 Nov 1945-29 Dec 1946 (Ft Ord, CA)
  Corporal Dale D. Cannady US Army Counter Intelligence Corps in Austrian Occupation Zone, 1945-1947
  Peter F. Sandrock, Sr. US Navy Lieutenant
John Runyan John Truman Runyan US Army LT. Col.
  Robert C. Chilton  US Army Air Corps LT. Col.
Theodore C. Lyster, III Bend Band of Brothers    
  Theodore C. Lyster Jr. US Navy Lieutenant; Killed at sinking of USS Juneau (CLAA 52), Friday, November 13, 1942 off Guadalcanal.
The Oregon American Legion Foundation All WWII Veteran Legionnaires    
Wheeler Foundation      
 Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe All Cow Creek WWII Veterans    
Mike Gentry Harry Gentry US Army  Major
  Wilma G. Gentry US Army Nurse Corps Lieutenant , Nurse Corps
Henningsen Cold Storage Co.  W.F. Henningsen, Sr.    
Ness & Campbell Crane       
Board of Commissioners, Marion County  Howard Wilkie Brock US Army - 82nd  Sergeant, Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
  Donald G. Malarkey      US Army Tech Sergeant, 101st Airborne
Disabled American Veterans Association - Portland Chapter   All WWII Disabled American Veterans     
John R Gatewood and Mary Z Gatewood Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation       
CHARLIE $5,000 - $9,999      
 NW Natural Gas Company      
 Association of Oregon Corrections Employees      
 Bend Heroes Foundation Robert D. Maxwell US Army Technician 5th Grade
B'nai Brith Mens Camp Association      
John & Linda Carter Everette F. Stroble US Army 1st Lieutenant
 Clackamas County Clackamas County WWII Veterans    
Citizens of Linn County "All Gave Some, Some Gave All"    
City of Salem      
 Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde All Grand Ronde WWII Warriors    
Darhl & Donald Guinn Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation      
DuBoff Law Group PC Robin R. DuBoff    
Family and Friends of the Timberwolves      
Jeld-Wen Foundation      
Jewish Federation of Greater Portland      
Oregon Band of Brothers - Bend Chapter      
OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation Wesley J. McCoy US Marine Corps Corporal
Portland Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America      
Mark Ramsby Marshall Delivan Ramsby United States Army  Corporal
Moss Adams      
Samuel S. Johnson Foundation Becky Johnson US Navy WAVES Lieutenant
Mark J. Kralj Matthew Kralj    
Helen and Jerry Stern      
The Zidell Companies, Jay & Charlene Zidell Emery Zidell US Navy  Seabee, Fireman First Class
Sister J. Catherine Trtek, SFCC Joseph F. Trtek US Army Air Corps Captain
Umpqua Bank      
Wells Fargo      
Yamhill County WWII Vets from Yamhill County    
 Southern Oregon Warbirds Association Roy Darby US Army Air Corps Captain
Hart Crowser, Inc. Greg Landau Ludwig Skvarich US Army - Private First Class
FOX $1,000 - $4,999      
Deschutes County  Commissioners      
Jackson County       
Kenneth J Unkeles Gerald Unkeles US Army European Theater
Dorchester Conference      
Benton County Commissioners      
Shelley & Craig Dewey Howard J. Hayes US Army WWII
  Gordon Dewey US Navy WWII
Gilliam County      
Tim and Paula Bronleewe Gordon H Bronleewe US Army Corporal WWII
Timothy & Martha McGinnis      
NORPAC Foods, Inc      
Bill & Karin S. Wright Richard T. Robertson US Army 3/43-1/46 Tech 4th Grade/Sgt.
  Richard Robertson US Army  
Jack & Phyllis Heims Jack Zugman US Army Air Corps Private
  Max Zugman    
Sons of the American Legion Detachment of Oregon      
William Tainter and Denise Demoray      
Judith Johansen Aldred      
Livingston Foundation      
Columbia County Commission      
Lincoln County Commissioners      
Michael & Marilyn Egans      
Friends of Greg Matthews PAC #12891      
John Harrington      
Mrs. Calvin Hearn J.D. Calvin Hearn 104th Timberwolf  
Honoring Heroes, Inc      
Lou & Kathy Jaffe Wesley C. Graham, Jr. US Army Staff Sgt., WWII European Theater, platoon
  Harry Jaffe US Army Corporal, 222nd Infantry, 42nd Rainbow Division
Bill E Markham      
Virginia Mohr      
Nosler, Inc.      
 Paul Labby       
Bob Plame      
Secure Storage Donald P. Walker US Navy Second Lieutenant, 
Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 180      
VFW Post 4015 All Vets    
Devon Wells      
Mildred Pitzer Wheeler John Oliver Pitzer US Navy Quartermaster 3rd Class
Lyle & Terri Wold 104th Timberwolf Infantry Division    
ROGER $250 - $999      
A. Courtney Gatlin Joyce E. Gatlin US Marines his late wife
Lawrence Roberts (PDX MOAA)      
Madras Elks Lodge #2018 E.H. Hillis US Navy  
  Eldred K. Hutcheson US Army  
  Thomas G. Price US Army  
  Dave Kellogg US Army Air Corps  
  Frederick O. Rask US Army 1st Sgt
  Homer L. Rath US Army Air Corps (Bataan Death March Survivor) MSgt
  Harry E. Terou US Navy  
  Cecil B. Martens US Army  
  Dale W. Turnbull US Navy  
  John S. Turnbull US Navy  
  Ed Haworth US Army  
  George D. Preston US Army  
  Bill McKelvy US Army  
  Robert E. Schmidt US Maraine Corps  
  Larry Baird US Navy  
  Ira James Hull US Army  
Gayle Lowe Robert Lowe   Dee Wandrus, 1812 Fountain Court. Eugene, OR 97402
  All Bend Band of Brothers WWII Vets  
Rick Zurow William A Zurow US Navy Navy Officer WWII assigned to Swan Island to aid in demagnetizing ship hulls before they went to sea
  William R. Zurow US Army Air Corps Major Vietnam War, Sr Communications Network officer
Kyle Rotenberg Irv Rotenberg US Army Sergeant
George R. Schneider      
Pearl Day Merton C. Lengele US Navy  
  Kenneth N. M. I. Day US Army T/Sgt
  Adolph Harnisch US Army T/5
Hillsboro Rotary      
Steve Abouaf      
 AmVets Post 1776      
Amy and Ralph Risch Charitable Fund      
George Arscott      
Jay and Theresa Bowerman Bill Bowerman    
David Chown / Chown, Inc.      
Oregon National Guard Association      
Julien Combatalade 104th Timberwolf Infantry Division    
Jason and Amy Conger T. C. Lyster, Jr, US Navy Lieutenant
Ruth Copenhagen Ralph Severson US Army Finance Dept. Captain  
Howard and Linda Davis      
Department of Oregon Military Order of Purple Heart      
Jim Dettore James J. Dettore US Army  
Barbara M Etter Oregon Band of Brothers    
James W. Damon Trust      
James Flynn The Lake County Flynn Brothers US Navy  
Christopher & Ava Henningsen William H Parish US Army Officer
Lyle Hicks Ron Hicks    
  Charlie Shotts    
Thomas Hilty George F. Rakestraw US Army  Staff Sgt.
Janice Kennedy      
Korean War Veterans Association - Department of Oregon      
Korean War Veterans Association - Oregon Trail Chapter      
Korean War Veterans Association, Iron Triangle Chapter 84      
 Lake County      
Don Loeb      
Marine Corps League Dept of Oregon      
The Willamette Chapter MOAA      
Nestucca Valley Post #9611      
Oregon Pioneer PAC       
Dan & Janet Pittman      
Vivian W. Poon Robert L Hildebrandt US Army Air Corps Served in Asia/Pacific in WWII, died in April of 2012
   Americans who demonstrated support through their work in the factories and hospitals, their many sacrifices including rationing, and the purchasing of war bonds to do their job from the home front toward the fighting and winning of World War II. Civilian  
VFW Ladies Auxilary Post 4273      
Irving Potter      
 Three Rivers VFW Post #1324      
William Tidd (PDX MOAA) Thomas W. Mayer US Navy  Seaman 1 C
 Tillamook County      
 Unkeles Family Harold Unkeles US Army Pacific Theatre
Frederick L Vannatta      
 Vietnam Veterans of America Mid Valley Chapter 585      
 Vietnam Veterans of America Oregon State Council      
 Florence Elks Lodge      
Juanita Lucht Earl H. Smith US Navy, Eagle 32 Fireman 1st Class
  Neil Duane US Army PFC
  Elbert R. Smith US Army PFC
  Claude J. Smith (Bronze StarP) US Army PFC
  Charles E. Smith (2 Purple Hearts) US Army Sergeant
  James A. Smith (Bronze Star) US Army PFC
  Lee R. Smith US Army Sergeant
  Lee White US Army  
  Orvill Hodgins US Army  
  Ruth Jarvis Civilian Portland Shipyard welder
Dr and Mrs James W. Asaph PDX Military Officers Association of America    
John C. Atherton      
June G. Bolden Rhoda Emma Jean Croy Marine enlisted
  Donald Eric Croy Marine enlisted
  James Francis Bolden US Navy Fireman 1st Class
 Calvin E. Murphy Detachment 578 Department of Oregon Alvin Ferry US Marine Corps  
  J. Fred Pate US Marine Corps  
  Robert Kass US Marine Corps  
  Jean Burnett US Marine Corps  
  William “Bill” Cochran US Army  
  Beryl Davidson US Army  
  Enos Muniz US Army  
  Robert Earle US Army Air Corps/US Marine Corps Major (ret)
 Oregon Band of Brothers      
Gerard F. Lorang      
Rod Pitcher Rubber Resource, Inc.      
Rick & Patty Sorensen Willard Austin Schoenthal US Army Staff Sergeant
  Lavern W. Guthrie US Marine Corps Sergeant
  Donald K. Guthrie US Marine Corps Corporal
  Ernest C. Guthrie US Army Merchant Seaman
 American Legion Dept of Oregon GNUTS All Members of the American Legion & Auxiliary All Branches & Ranks of Service Service in military and on the homefront
 Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 4108      
Roslyn Owen      
Donald Clarence Benson - US Navy WWII Floyd William Brown US Army Sgt. M.P.
Donald Clarence Benson - US Navy WWII Helen Brown Benson Civilian employee of the US Air Force  
Carolyn Gorsuch Donald C. Haldeman US Army Air Corps Major
Mary Jamieson William "Bill" Jamieson 104th Timberwoolf Infantry Division, 415th Regiment, Company D PFC
W. David Kolb W. David Kolb US Army Corporal
  Fannie E. Kolb Civilian Provide 3 sons to service during WWII
  W. David Kolb US Army Corporal D. Company 101st Infantry 26th Division.  Patton's right flank in France/Luxembourg Germany & Austria
 Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 3973      
Dale & Earl Oller LeRoy Oller US Army Sergeant
Cameron Smith Bob Maxwell US Army Tech 5
 Tualatin Chapter NSDAR      
Mike Wheeler Advance Wheeler US Army Sergeant
  Vanion Lee Wheeler US Navy S2C. USS Cushing (DD-376) K.I.A 11/13/42 Battle of Guadalcanal
Gwen Wildfong Ed Wildfong US Army 41st Division, 1st Lt.
Ron & Linda Palmer Ernest E. Raush US Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant
  George Raush US Army Air Corps 2nd Lt, Pilot
Donna J. & Fredric A. Skirvin Willis H. Dunagan US Navy Lt. Commander
Chuck Ferguson      
John L. Roe Jr. John L. Roe, Sr. Marine Corps/US Army  
  Edmond Ben US Navy  
Rob & Debbie Kissler Henry G. Kissler US Army US US Army Sergeant Company "C" 601st Miltary Police Battalion
Jim  Jacks      
 American Legion Auxilitary Unit #45      
Barclay Armitage      
 Association of the United States Army, Inc. MG Daniel York    
Lynn & Howard Behar      
Jason Billings Roger Billings US Navy  
Dennis Merrill &  Carol A. Murphy-Merrill      
Sherri Cartwright      
Col. Mildred Jean Chambers, USAF (Ret) Burdette Howard Ashton US Army Tech 5
  Edmond Harold Ashton US Army Private
The American Legion Crook County Post 29      
Leonard & Joanne DeWitt Lt. Col (ret) Leonard C. DeWitt US Army  
Otto & Carol Ehlers Allen Halloway US Army Sgt, 3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance
Patrick N.  Francisco      
Daniel & Leah Frye      
Dave & Katie Gold      
susan Greblo      
Alisha Hamel      
Sherry Haxby James Bigger (Lois Bigger-wife) US Army- Killed in war  
Barbry Hogue George H Amberg US Army Oregon State College Graduate 1947
Susan Hruza Thomas Horning US Army  T5
John and Julie Jelline      
Gary & Andi Jones Edward A Jones US Army Sergeant
Stephen E. Kantor      
 La Pine Band of Brothers La Pine Area WWII Veterans    
Catherine  Langlois      
Tony & Kelly Lucarelli      
Marilyn Mayhew      
Central Oregon Chapter Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)      
Maria L. Moiel      
Van  Moore      
Melissa Morasch 104th Timberwolf    
Elaine Morris C. Dale Morris US Navy  
Mike Norris      
Kelly & Lorie  Odegaard      
 Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association/High Desert Eagles Chapter To all who served.    
Heckmann & Thiemann Motors Phyllis & Ed Thiemann William D. Weber US Army Air corps MSgt
Michael Provost      
Betty J. Raskin Ray Machacek US Army Private
River View Cemetery River View Cemetery      
River View Cemetery Funeral Home      
Stan N. Rottenberg      
Kenneth J Rychlick Frank Rychlick US Navy Motor Machinist Mate Second Class
Daniel Santos      
Jill Shipley      
Dan & Janet Swan Dean Barnhart US Navy  Medic Hospital Ship
  Paul E Favis US Army fought in Europe
  Henry Ellis US Army Captured at Corrigador, interred in Japanese POW camps
  Ethel Irene Swan Civilian Jantzen - made gas masks
  Irene O'Lanie Civilian Welder - Kaiser Ship Yards
Jerry Titus      
Kerry & Becky Tymchuk      
Lorraine Verboort      
 VFW Post 10626      
Gary & Gail Wilhelms      
ZEBRA < $250      
 American Legion Riders Post 21      
Armed Forces E-9 Association      
Herbert Black      
Valerie Briggs George R. Berge US Navy  
Bill, Kay, Kimberly & Michelle Carnegie John A. Carnegie US Army  2nd Lt. Field Artillery, Pacific Theater
Faye R. Carpenter Oregon Band of Brothers    
Jim & Julie Carter      
Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 72              
John Claflin Richard Claflin US Army Air Corps Second Lieutenant
  Burden W. Peterson US Navy Yeoman First Class
Calvin and Mary Collins Walter T. Brown US Army T/Sgt
  Coos Bay Elks Lodge 1160      
 District #1 American Legion, Dept of Oregon      
Ernie Doyle      
 Fraternal Order of Eagles, Willamette Aerie #2081      
 Gary Zwicker (United Veterans Group of Oregon)      
Michael R Genna Oregon Band of Brothers    
Rolla & Marge Harding      
Alfredo G. Herrera Conrado A. Herrera US Army Corporal
Frederick H. Hill Verna (nee Smith) Hill   Cadet Nurse Corps
  Frederick H. Hill US Army Air Corps Sergeant, Lab Chief
Emma LaBonte-Sell Emma LeBonte-Sell Civilian Portland Shipyard worker
  Anna LaChance Hyde Civilian Portland Shipyard worker
  Margaret Leno-Peters Civilian Portland Shipyard worker
 Lady Marine Rose Chapter WMA      
Louis & Mari Livingston Joseph Rosenbloom, Jr. US Army Lieutenant
Dennis McCarthy William Horton US Army  45th Division 157th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion, Medical detachment, 1944-1945
 Military Order of the Purple Heart, Ronald Cook Lucida    
Doug & Mary Morasch      
Carol Moyer Leonard R Moyer    
Raymond W Olson Ned Moss US Army  
 Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association, West Valley Chapter      
 Oregon Veterans Motorcyle Association      
Roslyn Owen      
Catherine L. Palmer      
William & Diane Pankonin lloyd E. Marshall & Arthur L. Pankonin US Army & US Navy PFC, Seaman !st Class
Dr. Joseph M. Pelz      
Barry Raber      
Janice Raisl Dale M. Harlan US Army Staff Sgt.
 American Legion, Steven-Chute Post #4      
Beulah Schuldt Leo Wallace Hustead US Marine Corps killed in action
  Rodney Everatt Hustead US Army Air Corps  S/Sergeant
Marshall Sherwin Reese Anderson US Marine Corps  
 Siletz Tribal Elders Siletz Tribal World War II Veterans All Services  
Harold Smith Donald Baldwin US Army Sergeant
Harold & Agnes Smith Albert Joseph Firchali? US Army Private E-2
  Henry John Firchali US Army Private E-1
George & Carolyn Stastny Keith Sherman US Army (100th division 375th field artillery Bn. Colonel
  Margaret Sherman Civilian operating canteen for departing soldiers, wife of a vet
 The Essential Planning Group      
 Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4373      
Florence Weber Weber Revocable Living Trust Edward Giddings US Army PFC. ETO Territory
  Clayton Giddings US Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant; CBI Territory
David & Linda Williams      
Wendy Willis      
Patricia Wilson Foley Robert Charles Wilson US Army T3 
Bill & Karin Wright Wrightland Co. Richard T Robertson US Army Sergeant
 Pacific NW Defense Coalition      
 MOAA Portland Chapter      
Michael Whitney V.H. (Bun) Whitney US Army Air Corps Sgt
Kim Boddine Oregon Band of Brothers    
  OR WWII Marines    
Brian C. Finn F. William Tench US Army Captain
  Mary Kathleen Finn US Army Nurse Corps Major
  John M. Finn US Army Major General
  Ryder W. Finn US Army Air Corps Colonel
Gary and Diane Cooper eugene brister(us navy, Robert Whitby(merch marines)    
Peter A. DeFazio Mario S. DeFazio US Navy Lt Cmdr.
Marquitta Foglesong Otis Bland Foglesong US Navy Seaman First Class; Pilot, WWII - South Pacific.  He was at Hickman NAS when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
  Marquitta Foglesong Civilian Served under the Civil Defense Act.  From forest fire lookout posts, observed & reported nighttime  airplane activity.
John & Jean Frye George E Forslund US Army Air Corps F/O Co-pilot B-17, 42-29767 KIA 17 May 1943; Pilot, WWII - South Pacific.  He was at Hickman NAS when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Killed 17 May 1943 over France. George was in the Oregon Natl Guard prior to the war, then entered the US Army Air Corps and became the co-pilot of B-17 #42-29767 "Boot Hill" of the 338th Bomb Sqd. 96th Bomb Group. The plane was shot down after bombing the German submarine base in Lorient, France. F/O George Forslund and S/Sgt. Andrew Jorinscay were killed, the rest of the crew were captured or escaped through the help of the French underground. George was listed as missing in action for several years until the family was finally officially notified in 1947. He is buried at the Brittany/American Cemetery at St James, France.
Ira L. & Julie K. Gottlieb Harvey W. Keller US Coast Guard/US Navy WWII & Korean War
Agatha Hoff      
Dirk Kruysman Arnold Ebert US Army Sgt.
Frank & Coralen Lagesen      
 Larry Sherwood & Associates      
Ralph Wood Ray Wallace US Marine Corps  
 Lebanon Elks Lodge #1663      
 Oregon Band of Brothers, Redmond Group      
Alvin and Violet Mohr Robert "Bob" Smith    
Ellen Teicher      
 National Timberwolf Assn., NW Chapter      
 Bend Band of Brothers      
Gordon & Judy Sawser Charles Edgar Falen US Navy Radarman Third Class
Katherine P Clark Robert R Clark II CO, 1st Br, 414th Infantry Colonel (then Lt. Col.)
Vance E. Strunk Howard Strunk US Navy Torpedo Man, 2nd Class
Raymond & Darlene Swan Ralph W Alexander US Navy  1st Class Engineman; Ship - USS LCT 793
  Donald Carl Thomsen US Navy 1st Class Engineman; Ship - DE Ulvert M Moore
  Clarence VanLue US Army Served in Europe
William B. Caldwell Bill Wingett US Army PFC
Dotsi, Lee, Beth, Wayne Doran Leon J. Scheidemann US Coast Guard Chief Boatswain's Mate
 Ed Casciato, President 101st Airborne Division Assn.      
Scott  Thompson      
Jeannine  Walker      
Ruth E. Abbott Frank Dana Abbott U.S. Navy  
Don Alexander      
A. J. Allen Howard Morrill Allen U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer
Barbara  Allen      
 American Legion Auxillary - Bay Area Unit #34      
 American Legion Post 62      
 American Merchant Marine Veterans,  Oregon Chapter      
Loretta Asa      
Herman Asarnow      
Chuck Austin      
Hildur Bailey      
 Banks Post 90, American Legion Banks Post 90 All branches of the services  
Robert Banta Robert Banta; Oregon Band of Brothers Merchant Marine Ensign Engineer
G. Hanley Barker Wallace V. Barker US US Army Air Corps Sgt.
Ingrid S. Barlett Daniel B. Barlett US US Army 104th Infantry Division, Company K
David and Gail Bartee      
Elizabeth & Charles Bates Joseph Capizzi Two Purple Hearts, One bronze star, 4th Armored Div.  
Charles Bates Jr. Joseph Capizzi Jr 4th Armored Div 2 Purple Hearts & Bronze Star
Bill Becherer      
Walt Beglau Pershing E. Beglau US US Army Sgt.
Toby Joy Deemer Bill Deemer      
 Bill Kwitman & Monica Moriarty Ben Kwitman, Paul Moriarty    
David and Judy Bluhm      
Gerald N Bonacker Beryl A Bonacker US Navy Pharmacist Mate 3rd Class; Died 3/2/14
Rep. Deborah Boone Marvin Nelson US Army  
Cassandra Borgeson William Boon Borgeson US Marines PFC; Let his crew bail out of the plane; he went down with the plane.
Allan S Boss      
Mitchell R. & Sallie J. Boyce Charles B. Boyce US Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant
Ray Braswell Charles H Braswell US Army  
John Brazie      
JJ Broderick      
Margaret Brooks John T. Feilen US Army 1str Lieutenant
Martha Brooks      
Ann Brown Quintin Marvin Cole US Army  Technical Specialist 4; He was on Okinawa towards the end of the war.
Chester J. Brown     Asiatic Pacific, Philippine Liberation, Iwo Jima
Ronald J. & Adella M. Brown Raymond L. Freeberg US Army Air Corp Sergeant; bomber pilot
Vivian Brown      
Rico Burgess Oregon Band of Brothers; William J Burgess US Army Pvt
David R Burleigh Oregon Band of Brothers    
Olga Buswell Robert Clark Buswell, Sr. US Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant
Independent Employer Assoc., Inc. c/o Grover Simmons      
John & Vicki Cameron Louis John Jurkowski US Army Sergeant
Joseph A. & Julia R. Cannon, Jr.      
 Carlton American Legion Auxilliary      
 Cascade Wholesale Hardware      
Austin Casey James G. Poole US Army  
Nelson & Shirley Cauble      
Mildred Chambers      
Clarice H. Christenson      
Carol Coar      
Maureen Cole Clanece Albert Thompson US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant
 Color Guard Photo Oregon Band of Brothers    
Cora Conner      
Todd & Carolyn Cook      
 Coos Bay Elks Lodge #1160      
Simon Kaplan Crest Furniture, Inc.      
Todd Davidson      
Robert Dent Oregon Band of Brothers; Robert Dent Oregon State Police (Ret)  
Dale Derry      
Dale and Paula Derry      
 Deschutes Auxiliary Post 4108      
Bert Diamond      
Toni Dockter William Lee Buksa US Army Air Corp 2nd Lt, 0-660308
Rep. Margaret Doherty Fred Doherty US Coast Guard Lieutenant
 Doug Naef Insurance Agency      
Jennifer Drake Oregon Band of Brothers; Merlin Drake US Marine Corps Major
LeRoy Dunn      
Art Edgren Oregon Band of Brothers    
Ralph Emerson Oregon Band of Brothers    
Paul Evans      
Carl J. Fahlstrom      
Rudolph J Fenk      
Richard Fleming Oregon Band of Brothers    
Past Exhaulted Rulers Florence Elks Lodge      
Macil l Flye MOAA Portland Chapter      
Hazel Foreman Wallace Swanson US Army  
Crystal Friedrich      
Helen L. Fuiten Robert L. Fuiten US Army Air Corps Major
Joe Gallagher Oregon Band of Brothers; Stu Shoemaker US Navy Chief Petty Officer
John Gallaway Oregon Band of Brothers    
Marie Gallup Eli A. Dumont US Army, 41st Division Staff Sergeant
Steve & Linda Goldberg & Boise      
Rick Goodell      
Thomas & Krista Goodrie      
Robert Gould      
Thomas Grove      
 H&B Jewelry & Loan Co.      
Brett Hanft      
Craig L. Hanneman Eugene D. Hanneman US Army 1st Lieutenant
Ford Dow Hansen Ford Dow Hansen US Navy Naval B.P. (Beach Parties) #12 (1st Seals), Boatswain's Mate 1st Class.  Six landings (invasions) New Guinea  thru Philippines – including Biak-nuim for Tacloban, Corregidor, Lingyan Gulf, Okinawa, Manila
  Betty Jean Hansen Civilian  
  Betty Strunk US Navy Corpsman, Nurse
  Everette Strunk US Army Staff Sergeant
  Harold Strunk US Navy 3rd Class
  Vera Strunk Windheim US Army Sergeant, Cook
  Ted Windheim US Army  
  Oddie Maddox US Navy 2nd Class
  Vance E. Strunk US Navy Aviation Ordnance, 3rd Class
  Pearl Myrtle Lengele WAAC-AF S/Sgt
  Lyndon John Lengele US Army Cpl, Infantry
  Francis Marvin Lengele US Marine Corps  
  Warren W. Lengele US Army Air Corps PFC
Robert A Hansen Oregon Band of Brothers    
Terry Hanson Edwin C. Hanson US Army  PFC
John Hanyo Oregon Band of Brothers    
Mick R. Harris      
Dick Hawks      
Kristi Heiser Richard A. Olson US Navy Lieutenant 
Mary Henschen Sidney A. Knopf US Army Air Corps M/Sgt
 Hessel MG Rees    
Thomas J Hilty, Jr. George Rakestraw US Army Sergeant
Col. Don Holden (Ret) Clayton L. Thompson US Army PFC
Jack Holt Theodore C. Lyster, Jr. US Navy Lieutenant
Chuck Homingway Oregon Band of Brothers    
Ray & Katie Honerlah      
Frances Illingworth Francis Kane US Navy Warrant Officer, Boatswain's Mate
Robert G. Personius Janet Personius Hanks      
Roy Janiec Oregon Band of Brothers; Roy Janiec     
Roberta Janssen Robert H. Meyer US Navy  
Barbara Jeane Jenkins William Frank Coombs, Sr. US Army Air Corps Bombadier
Jerry K Johnson Oregon Band of Brothers    
Linda Johnston      
Lanny H Jones Oregon Band of Brothers    
Michael & Kathleen Jones      
Lt. Col. Larry A. Kaufman USMC (Ret.) Roy E. Kaufman US Navy PO3c, Sea Bees; Allied Invasion
Thomas R. Keefe      
Sheila Keeling Edward Thomas Russell Jr US Army Air Corps  
Susan Myers Keller Orben Howard Myers US Army Sergeant; European Theater - infantry - opening up concentration camps.
William & Joan Kelley William Kelley 104th Timberwolf Division  
Joseph H. & Althea Rose Kriz      
Mark & Melanie Labhart William Labhart US Army Air Corps, Europe  
  Melvin L. Elder US Navy, Pacific  
Eugene J. LaBonte Joseph A. LaBonte US Navy E2, Sea Bees, Okinawa
George & Leslie Lanning      
Fred Larson Frank C. Berthold US Navy Seaman 1st Class
Marilyn Larson      
George Lee Oregon Band of Brothers    
John Leeper      
Esther McKay Leslie      
Leland (Bud) Lewis      
Leland & Janet Lewis      
Mark Lindland      
Diana Loback      
Eloise Lyster Theodore Charles Lyster, Jr US Navy Lieutenant
Bernard Maguire      
Jim & Midge Main Lloyd Skafte US US Army  
Bill & Mary Mainwaring Bernard Mainwaring Civilian Served on Draft board throughout the war
Richard Maizels      
Jon M. Dickinson Marlene J. Burns   Served in India  
Tom Marple Oregon Band of Brothers    
Edward May Howard May Navy CB, Saipan, Guadal Canal  
Milton Douglas McCarthy Joseph Vincent McCarthy Navy ADC
Samuel C McKee R. S. Morecock and J. P. Harper US Navy/ US Army Capt and Lieutenant (respectively)
 Merchant Marines Veterans - Southern Oregon Chapter      
Pete Miller      
 Molalla VFW Aux #3973     Served in Caribbean (XO of submarine chaser) and in Philippines (in charge of harbor entrance control post in Subic Bay.)  Served 1942 – end of WWII
Arthur E Mosher      
Norbert Murray II Norbert Murray Jr US Navy Commander
Ernie & Ellen Neal      
Dave Neset To the Unknown    
Jeff Norman Oregon Band of Brothers; Merle L Norman US Army Air Corps SSG (E-6)
James North warren J. North US Army Air Corps  
Dennis & Carole Nye John H Nye US Marine  
J. Ward & Shirley O'Brien      
Raymond Olsen Ned Moss US Army  
 Pacific Power Foundation      
Barbara Palmer Ralph W Palmer US Army Retired Colonel; Silver Star - Purple Hearts
Michael Parr      
Bruce Payne      
Burnie Pearson Percy Pearson  US Army Technician 5th Grade
 Penny Wallace and Donald Roy Richard F. Martin US Marines Sgt., fought on Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal
Steven Petersen Herschel G Petersen US Army Private First Class, Mechanic for 3784 QM Truck Company
Bob Pfeifer Oregon Band of Brothers    
Vito Pileggi Vito James "Mickey" Pileggi US Army Msgt
Molalla VFW Post 3973      
Richard Pratt      
Alfred Rasmus William Frank Marx US Navy Master Chief Boatswain Mate
Col Mark Lisle Rathburn      
Imogene A Rauzon      
Shirley Ray      
Reedsport American Legion Post 62 Walter V. Murphey US US Army & US Navy Sgt/Gunner's Mate 2nd
Lt. Col. Stanton M. Rickey      
Susan & Reed Ritchey Teddy R. Pyle US Navy  Ensign
Wesley J. Robinson      
George J. Roe George J Roe US Navy PO3/E4
Carol Rose Daniel McKenney Kerslake US Navy Seaman 2/c / CASU
Robert (Ozzie) Rose      
Diane Rosenbaum      
Howard Rosenbaum Edward Rosenbaum US Army Captain
Elden M & Marjorie K. Rosenthal      
Jeanne Ross James Scott Wheeler US Army, 14th Armored Div Staff Sargent
Marjorie Russell Henry Russell US Army Air Corps Captain; B-17 Navigator in ETO in WWII
Robert A. Sabbe Walter Sabbe US Navy Seaman 1st Class, USS Salt Lake City
  John Sabbe US Navy Ensign, USS Nautilus
 Salem Eagles Aerie      
John &  Judy Sampson      
Beulah Schuldt Vernon LeRoy Hustead US Navy  
Gary Schultz stan jacobsen US Navy -  pharmacist  mate; US Marines - medic  
Anthony & Sharon Sebbio MOAA, Portland, OR    
Gordon & Judy Shaw Oregon Band of Brothers    
Laurel Singer      
Jessie Singleton      
Craig & Debbie Smith George A. Smith Purple Heart, Okinawa  
Ernie Smith      
G. L. Smith Oregon Band of Brothers    
Glenn S. & Shirley M. Smith      
Agnes Smith (PDX MOAA)      
 Southern Oregon Warbirds Assn. Bill Markham US Army Air Corps Lieutenant
Frank & Marilyn Spiegel Oregon Band of Brothers    
Dave & Carol St Louis Ivan St Louis US Navy  
  Francis "Dutch" Splettstaszer US Army  
  Ivy Quale Splettstaszer US Navy  
Beverly Stein      
Gene Stephens John Galen Stephens US Army  Tech SGT Infantry
Andrey Stevenson Andrey "Doc" Stevenson    
  James Moerder    
William & Cora Lee Stewart William B. Borgeson Injured 2nd day Iwo Jima  
Velma L. Sundet James N. Sundet US Army  Tech 3
Lawrence J. & Faye Swain Lawrence J. Swain US Navy SS ML 3c
Dan Swan William Henry Alexander US Army Private  
Joseph W Terry Oregon Band of Brothers; Howard R Terry US Navy  Coxswain
 Thank you Berry Much Farms      
Brigadier General James B. Thayer, Sr. (Ret)      
Dale Thiel Oregon Band of Brothers    
Dale A Thiel Oregon Band of Brothers    
Joseph Thimm      
Barbara Thompson Alfred Frank Puglisi US Navy  F2
Gerald & Susan Thompson Chyler Thompson US Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant
Jean Thompson John Edward Zimpalman US Army  
Larry Thompson      
Dick Tobiason Oregon Band of Brothers; Robert D. Maxwell US Army Tech 5
Ellen Tweet Oren Clifford Tweet US Navy Motor Machinists Mate 3rd Class
Patricia Vannelli      
 Veterans of Foreign Wars of United States - Dept of Oregon      
 VFW Post #10580      
 VFW Post #4039      
 VFW Post 10639      
 VFW Post 4362  Walt Thompson US Navy  QM 2/c
  Forest Viles US Army T. Sgt
  Frank C. Weber US Navy  BMC
  Cliff Kuhl US Navy  Seaman 2/c
 Vietnam Veterans of America #805      
Greg Walsh Thomas P Walsh US Army Lieutenant
Kenneth Ward Kenneth Ward US Navy CPO
Zin Watford Oregon Band of Brothers    
H.N. Watkins      
Sandy & Elaine Weinstein      
Robert L Weiss      
C. E. & Shirley Weissenfluh      
Calvin Weissenfluh Oregon Band of Brothers    
Murl T Wescott      
State Representative Gene and Josie Whisnant Spec J R Whisnant US Army Air Corps Specialist
  Capt Jay R Coffey US Army Air Corps Captain
Jim Willis M.F. Willis US Army T/Sgt. 104th Infantry Division
Mark J Wirges Sr Oregon Band of Brothers    
Joseph A. Wolf Melvin H Wolf US Navy  
Greg Wolf      
 Woodburn American Legion Post 0046      
William Wright Richard Stoinoff US Army Air Corps, 1943-45 2nd Lt.
Boyd C. Yaden, Lt. Col, USAF, Ret Lynn Boyd Yaden US Army Colonel
Gary J. York Leonard DeWitt US Army  
Dennis & Jan Young Duane K. Young US Navy Ship Cook 2nd Class
Gary & Carol Zwicker      
Unknown Leonard Dewitt    
Unknown Art Sorenson    
Nicholas Kirby Ralph Kirby US Navy Lieutenant
  Ken Kirby US Marine Corps Lance Corporal
  Harold Kirby US Navy Seaman
Joshua Brooks      
Raul Garcia      
Donald Guthrie Leo Minor, US Navy  Gunner Bunker Hill
  John Manougian US Army 70th Div European Theater
  Nils Arne Lindstrom US Navy  3rd Class Radioman Lst South Pacific
  Bud Cooper US Navy  Lst Radar man South and North Pacific
  Bill Grace   Radio 3rd class Lst North Pacific
  Bill Mc Vicar US Army Air Corps B17 Pilot
  Tommy Heaouf US Navy  Gunners Mate Oil Tanker
  Joe Ricks US Army Air Corps A-26
Brownlee Bush Brownlee Bush US Army Master Sergeant
  Brownlee N. Bush US Army-ETO, 84 Infantry Division Master Sergeant
Judith & Bill Felt Hugh McClelland US Coast Guard   
Lenore L Kipp Gordon Nelson US Army Captain
  Don & Lenore Kipp    
  Gordon L. Nelson US Army 1st Lieutenant
Leland S. Lewis      
Allen Matilla Paul George Merila US Army  Technical Sergeant Second Grade
Doris Monson Dale S. Albee    
Connie Mueller Walter Fargher MP 104th T Wolves  
Willard G. Scott Willard G. Scott US Navy MoMM 2/c; USS Sioux ATF 75 Big Tug; Sioux sank a Japanese 2-man submarine. Ship participated in both Iwo Jima/Okinawa campaigns
Leland W. Svarverud, Jr. Martin Douglass Svarverud US Marine Corps Corporal
  Leland W. Svarverud Jr. US Army Air Corps Sergeant
Lisa & Dave Tyler      
Chuck & Judy Wilkerson Leonard DeWitt US Army Lt Col.
Arland Kunz Oregon Band of Brothers; Emil Herbert Kunz US Army (blank)
Floyd Martin Floyd Martin SIC "I'm 86 yrs old"  
Vivian Boulch Virginia Clark   1st Lt.
Barbara Gronvold Clifford Junior Gronvold US Navy SOM2C
 John-Bonnie Moore; Karl-Jeannie Goetze & Family; Jon-Lainie Clem & Family Elden R. McRobert US Army Major, 36th Infantry Division, 141st Regiment.  North Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Austria
Claudia J.F. Williams Rodney O. Fety US Navy  LCDR SN
Andrey  Stevenson      
Mike  Thayer      
Lawrence Andrews Lawrence G. Andrews US US Army Corporal  
 Attrell's Newberg Funeral Chapel Clinton Tenhart    
Edmond Ben, USNR      
Robert A. Bennett      
Larry Benson      
Jeffery Bird      
Douglas & Eleanor Blair Douglas Blair Navy-Fire Controlman, 1944-1946  
William Blitz      
Maureen C. Boggs Frank N. Surmeyer US Navy  
Leon & Diane Bolen William Cozby US Navy  
Elaine Bonacker      
Lee Boutell Earl N. Boutell Jr US Army Air Corps Lieutenant, lead bombardier 451st Bomb Group; 727 Bombardment Squadron, 15th Air Force based in Cerignola Italy, winner of Purple Heart and Distingished Flying Cross
Annette Bowers Gapp Leroy Bowers US Navy Motor Machinist's Mate, Second Class (T) (LC)
Frank & JoAnn Buckierwicz, Jr. Frank H Wolf US US Army in the Pacific Theater from 1944-46. Passed away 12/9/2013  
  Frank H Wolf US US Army in the Pacific Theater from 1944-46. Passed away 12/9/2013  
Daniel Burns Robert R. Burns US Navy Seabees
Donald & Carolyn Byard Donald Conant US Navy  
Michael J. & Mary J. Campbell David H. Raner US Army Air Corps Lt. Col.
Gary Carnahan Glen Terry JR   1st Lt, Tillamook OR
Elsie & Larry Carpenter Leonard DeWitt US Army  
Marvin V. Casebeer Ruth Ann Casebeer Cadet Nurse Corps  
James & Arabelle Cash Sterling E. Cash US Navy Lieutenant
Mildred J Chambers      
Jeffrey Chapman Forrest M. Chapman SR. US Army, Tech 4 Stg. 75th Inf. 291st Headquarters  
Ivan Child Jack L. Child Merchant Marine  
Burdene Claflin      
James and Thelma Coates      
Catherine L Cody      
Mary L. Coffel Laurie Gordon Coffel US Army Corporal
William & Jocelyn Cox      
Luana Daniels Leslie D Mulkey Jr US Army  Corps of Engineers
Geoff Darling      
Joyce Davenport Norah Thomas Nabower Civilian Building liberty ships, Vancouver Washington. Kaiser Shipyard
  Roy Albert Davenport US Army Air Corps Sergeant, 13th AF, 5th Bomb Gp, 394 Squadron
Mariah Denman      
Bert Diamond      
Ray and Mary Donnell Robert "Bob" Smith    
Joseph P Doyon      
Louis & George Dyer      
Owen East John Heenon(US Army) & Clayton Aldeich(Marines) US Army Infantry, Corporal
Dolores J. Engler Floyd E. Engler US Army PVT, technician surgical (tech 5)
Robert & Judith Ervin      
Greg  Etzel      
Dan Evers      
Ralph H. & Cirila F. Fellows      
Rudy Fenk      
Hal B. Fernandez      
Pamela Ferrara Bernard Ferrara US Army Sergeant
Jeffrey Fisher Gene Upton US Army  Chaplain
Leslie W Fleet      
Tim Flynn Debbie Flynn Shipyard worker  
David D. & Clara H. Frank      
Meyer W. Freeman      
 Fuller Family Maxine Wilnerd Civilian Employed at Oregon Shipbuilding 1943-45
  Carl A Leach US Navy Served from January 1943, honorably discharged November 1945. Assigned to the Naval Construction Battalion, Fifth Special, C Company in the Pacific Theater of operations.
Roy and Ardene Fullerton      
J. J. Gaines      
Diane Galida george smith    
Steve Gapp Florence Gapp US Marines SSgt
Theodore Geck Theodore Geck US Army Sergeant
Gertrude Goldsmith      
Russ & Darlene Goodwin Ray Wallace US Marine Corps  
Jim & Pam Gulley Edward Cooper US Army Air Corp-Europe 1st Lieutenant 
  John R. Gulley US Navy  Machinist
Donald K. Guthrie Murray Walter Robbins US Marine Corps, South Pacific Marianas Corporal
  L.A. Guthrie Civilian Shipyard, ship fitter
Randell C., Jr & Mary Jane Guyer      
Betty Hall      
Carma R. Halverson Lloyd Omen Halverson US Army PFC
Christen Hammond      
Marian Hammond      
Ronald Hart Armond E.  Hart Civilian  
Wayne & Peggy Harvey Jack Zidell US Navy Electrician's Mate 1c
George A Healy      
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Hill      
Ralph Hill Clarence Hill US Army Corps of Engineers T-Sgt. Okinawa-occupation of Japan
Susan Hill Robert J. Peth US Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor
Ron Hillbury Suzanne Bonamici    
Genevieve R. Hillman Martin William Knapp US Navy BM2 USS Madusa during attack; 1941-1947
Virginia Hledik      
Leo Hollett      
Fay Hudson Homer Hudson    
Dr. Charles C. & Dr. Joan R. Humphries      
Brian Iverson      
Ron Iwasaki      
Clark Jackson Holly G Jackson US Navy  
Jim & Irene Jerome Veril N. Kelly US Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Radar Man
Arthur L. Johnson Arthur L. Johnson US Navy Pharmacist 3rd Class
Karen Johnson      
John W Kerstetter      
Brian Kurth Harold "Hub" Kurth US Army infantry in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands and Phillippines Sergeant
Ronald Larsen Clarence Larsen Civilian Ship building/Civil Defenses Warden
Gary L. Larson      
Peter Lebray      
Suzanne & Robert Litviak Oregon WWII Veterans    
J.A. Livesay Kirk Womac US Army PFC
Janet S Long      
Joseph McCarthy      
Bev McClure Hugh Verdon McClure   Gunner mate second
Lynn & Monica McDonald      
Melisa McDonald      
Donna McNabb      
Jerry Metcalfe      
Michael Meyer      
Darcy Henderson Mike Urness      
Leah Moe      
Alvin W Mohr      
Donna Moreno      
Rachael Mortensen      
Philip & Pheobe Newman      
Tim Nissen Donn E. Nissen US Marine Corps PFC
Cary & Anise Oldenkamp howard james oldenkamp US Army Air Corps Sergeant
Peggy & Jim Oliver      
Britta Olson      
Richard M. Page Richard M. Page US Naval Reserve S-1/c (RT)
Ann Palanuk John S Palanuk US Army Corp T-5, 343 US Army Engineers
  Emil W Palanuk Coast Artillery, a special Services Div PFC, KIA
  Steve Palanuk Tank Destroyer Division then First Cavalry Group Corp. T-5, KIA
  Nellie Palanuk Marine Corp-Women's Reserve PFC
  Walter Palanuk US Army Battery C, 55th AA Training Battalion PFC
Thomas Majchrowski Patricia Majchrowski      
Mark Pierce      
Jim Pilling      
Diane Plame Samuel Plame US Army Air Corps Lt. Col.
Marshall Price      
Joshua Proudfoot      
Scott Putnam Jeannette Ruth Hershey-Putnam US Army First Lieutenant
  Robert Morgan Putnam US Army Staff Sgt.
Michael Redhead      
Isaac H. Regenstreif      
Joseph Reiley      
Nita Rickerson      
John Rizzo Salvador Rizzo US Marine Corps Corporal
Michelle Robinson Henry R Razmus US Marine Corp Major - active duty in S Pacific
Peter Roome      
Esther L. Rucker Roy J. Rucker US Marines & US Army Major
Nellie A. Rue      
Guy Schirado Victor M. Schirado US Army Corporal
Kasia Sitarski      
Roland Smith Self US Army  Tech Sergeant
Mary Anne Sohlstrom Edward McQuinn(Mac) Sohlstrom US Army Corporal- 41st infantry, 218th field artilary battalion-served in South pacific
John Southgate Doug Southgate US Army Air Corps Lieutenant
Douglas Southgate Jr. Douglas DeWitt Southgate US Army Air Corps Lieutenant Colonel
Tom & Sue Stose      
Ron & Dolly Strobel Martin Strobel US Army Private
Molly Summers James R. Summers US Navy E-2 electricians mate
Jane  Tamerlin      
leigha Teubel      
 The Retired Enlisted Association, Chapter 7      
Joseph & Mary Thimm      
Frieda Tobin      
Jean Tomminger Norman Elliott US Navy Petty Officer Second Class
Robert Trummer Wilhelm J. Yunger US Army Sergeant
Chuck & Paula Underwood Olof Carl Carpenter US Marines  received bronze star
Richard Van Zante      
Curt E Vie Victor Feldner    
Glen & Lucille Wakefield John Hoffert US Navy  
Dee (Erdene) Wandrus Ray Wallace US Marine Corps  
Glen & Joyce Ward Glen F & Wilma J Ward Trust      
Susan Weaver Isaac Endicott US Army PFC
  Ralph Weaver Navy  
Claudia Weber      
Gene Welch 104th Timberwolf Infantry Division    
Harold A Wells      
Robert E. West Robert E. West 104th Timberwolf Division  
Blaine Whipple      
Penelope White Claude V. White US Army MSgt
H.L. Whitley      
Duane Wolfe Oregon Band of Brothers; Donald Wolfe    
Duane Wolfe Oregon Band of Brothers; George Burks    
Mark Freeman Roy T. Freeman US Navy Yeoman Second Class
Lynne/Dan Bartenstein/Heims Jack Zugman   killed in WWII
  Max Zugman   in honor of his 90th birthday
Pamela Beale Harold Lurton Corkwell US Army Medical Tech  
Wesley Cameron Wesley Cameron   Staff Sargeant
Wesley Cameron Francis B Gunn   Master Sergeant
Michael Glassey Warren F. Glassey US Navy  2nd Class Petty Officer- PT Boat Mediterranean
Mary Wilson      
Vickie Partridge      
Annie Battee Melvin K. Battee US Navy Submarine Pharmacist Mate
  William A Stegeman US Navy Seabees, Chief Petty Officer
Clarence and Barbara Carnahan      
 Cottage Grove High School Social Studies Dept.      
Mark Freeman Earl E. Freeman US Army Staff Sgt
Elaine Hempel William Hempel US Navy  
Charles E Trainer      
Dennis Vanlaningham John G. Vanlaningham, Jr. US Navy  First Class Machinist
  John G VanLaningham Jr US Navy Machinist Mate, Petty Officer First Class
Thomas W. Bulger John J. Bulger (1897-1961)   Supervisor of electricians & welders, Brooklyn Naval Shipyard constructing aircraft carriers
Robert P. & Janet Copeland Robert P. Copeland 104th Timberwolf Division  
David F. Eastman      
Peter B Hansen      
Norm Hoffman Leo Arthur Hoffman US Navy Specialist V, 3rd Class
  Arthur Leo Hoffman US Navy  
Robert Wayne Jurgens [Bend Band of Brothers, WWII vet]      
Donald Moberg      
Ethel Rieken Herbert (Oscar) Plep Navy MOMM1
James Roethlin      
Orville Frank Lund Gunnar Frank Lund Civilian Superintendent of Oregon Steel Foundry
  Frank W. Justice Civilian Commercial Ship Yards
 American Legion Auxillary #62      
Patricia and Elbert Bales Patricia Bales Civilian Served as Corpsman on Guadalcanal, Bougainville
Patricia and Elbert Bales Elbert L. Bales US Navy Ph2 – Navy Corpsman
Bill Blankenship      
James J. Capone      
Clarence E. Carnahan      
Robert D. Culver Robert D. Culver US Army ETO 1943-1946 Technician 5th Grade
Mrs. Bill Finucane William Patrick Finucane US Navy Electrician's Mate First Class (EM1C), USS Yuma
Hildegard Goranson Russell W Goranson US Army PFC 100th Infantry Div; Battle of the Bulge, Bitchee France, Heilbronn Germany
Ron and Connie  Hutchinson      
Roberta McCuen Cpl Robert Marshall Binford US Army, North Africa  
Peggy & Rex Morton Doran A. Huston US Army  Captain
Peggy Posey John Robert Posey US Navy 3rd Class Machinist
Clyde D. Reed Carl A. Reed US Army Air Corps Lieutenant - Pilot; Asian Theater - many missions over Japan - Purple Heart
  Earl D. Reed US Army Air Corps Staff Sergeant, Purple Heart recipient; Crew Chief and Gunner in the European Theater
  Emma Sexton Civilian  Riveter in an aircraft factory
J.M. Teller      
Harold E. Vogel      
Virginia Privatsky Williams Kenneth Paul Privatsky, Sr. US Navy  
  Mickey L. Thomas, Sr. US Marine Corps  
  Edward E. Bridges US Army  
Donald T Zimmerman Timberwolf memorial 414-G    
Dave  Campbell      
Jean Ady      
 American Legion Post 42 Clarence W. McDonnell US Navy Seaman
Oliver Amundson      
Vie Anderson Ruth E. Lucht Welder Albina Engineering and Machines
Patricia Bales Elbert L Bales US Navy, Corpman Petty Oficer Second Class
Karen Banks      
William Barber Albert Lamberth US Navy Seabee
Paul Barnum      
L.J. & Jeffrey Baucum      
Roger & Gloria Bean      
Jacki Bebb      
Gary Beckman      
Dennis Betts      
James Binder   104th Timberwolf Division  
David Bishop Robert F. Bishop US Navy Carpenters Mate
Beverly Blunk Elmo E. Rogers US Army  S. Sgt 567
James F. Bohnenkap      
Gary Brannan      
Agnes L. Brock Victor Hertager US Marine Corps  
Ms. Rose H. Brown      
Le Roy & Phyllis Carson Knows Art Sorenson    
Mrs. Forrest M. Chapman Forrest Chapman US Army  Tech. 4 Sergeant
Patricia D. Chapman      
Dan Cole W.H. Cole   1st Lieutenant Killed in Action
Rod & Pam Crippen      
Steve Crump      
Dorothy C. Culbertson John Kenneth Culbertson US Army  Staff Sgt.
Eunice Cunningham Ken Cunningham US Marines Japanese prison camp
Martha Curl Herman Kennedy US Army E-5
Peter J. Dane Robert Jeakins US Army Capt., Rangers, Gen. Patton, 3rd US Army
John Day Neal Brown US Coast Guard  
 Don C. & Helen B. Benson Trust      
Tim Dore      
Bruce Eckhardt      
 Edward Hershberg and Valerie Poris      
Vernon Edwards      
Ed Erickson Herold Erickson US Army PFC
Laura & Ted Everest Albert Martin Solson US Coast Guard  First class
Toby Fencl Frank A. Fencl US Army Air Force S/Sgt
James A Fenner      
Betty L. Fish-Fergusen      
Phyllis Foster Pruitt Henry J. Pruitt US Navy  Special Task Air Group I ACM 2
Scott E. Foster, Jr. Scott E. Foster, Jr. US Army Corporal
Billie Gale Frank Bell    
Frederick L. & Verna S. Gifford      
Elizabeth Giles      
Patrick Giles      
Sarah Giles Curt Loop    
Louise Grose Elson D. Nash US Army Air Corps Sergeant
Darel Hadley      
Robert C & Patricia J Haindel      
Mrs. James Hanna      
Nelson & Lorita Havel      
Steve Hawks      
James P. Higgins      
Jerry Howard      
John Hummel      
Richard H. & Sally B. Ingraham      
Gil W. Jackson      
Gill Jacobson      
Jerome Jaffe      
Beverly & Eldon Johns      
James T Johns      
Ralph Juda      
Charlotte Kathrens Charles C. Hamilton US Army  
Chris & Kristin Kauffmann      
Roy E. Kaufman      
David Kennell Ray Talbert    
Yoichi Kitayama      
James & Jenette Kittelson      
M. Terese Klein      
John Klosterman      
Jolene Kotzerke      
Joan Kreitz Lt. Col. John Kreitz US Army Air Corps  
John Kreitz John Kreitz US Army Air Corps Lieutenant Colonel
Robert Lee      
Dorothy C. Leeson Lyle D. Leeson US Army Sgt(T)
Larry Levy      
Sharon Livingston Clayton Gibbs US Army  
Robin Dale Loney Flossie May Loney Civilian Asbestos Mechanic Building Liberty Ships at Kaiser Shipyard, Portland, Oregon 1944-1945
Roberta Long O. H. Long US Navy  
Kenneth A. & Trina M. Lundgren      
Rosaline L. Mallory Willard F. Mallory US Navy Yeoman 2nd Class
Elnora Malpass      
Donna & Steven McAtee William Earl McAtee US Navy Keep off our Mailing List
  Daniel Winifred Schutzler  US Army  
Alan McFee      
Peter & Nancy Mcgillivray      
Judy McKee Jake Koch US Navy CPO
Robyn Medeck Frank Zeller US Army Lt.  Colonel
Kathy Milhauser      
Brenda Miller      
Alvin Mohr James Bohert    
Jules & Florence Mohr      
Leland Montgomery LeRoy Montgomery US Navy  (1942-1945) E-6
Anonymous Harold Folkert US Army  
Willa Dean Morris Donald Frank Morris US Army Air Corps Major, B-17 pilot
Dorothy M. Nelson Donald C. Nelson US Navy Reserve Ensign
Sandra & Kurt Nelson      
David Parker      
Geoff Parks      
Hubert H Patterson Weber Hattrem, Jr US Army Air Corps Lieutenant
Allen B Perry Herbert Pautsch US Army  Transportation Corps
Lee & Joy Perry Lee A. Perry US Army  
Michael Persinger #14618511      
Edith C. Meier Phyllis Meier Drinkwater      
Isaac Pond      
Eugene & Patricia Reddemann Stanley Ziebarth US Army Sergeant
David Rianda      
John E. Rice Walter Rice US Navy Seaman 1st Class
 Robert M. Johnson Trust      
Carla & Gary Rogers Frank H Rogers Jr II US Army Air Corps 3-17 Pilot Europe
William F. Ruggles      
Dianna Ruybalid James Frank Fordyce US Army POW in Germany WWII
Roland Salisbury      
Jennifer Scholes William Dean Scholes US Navy Gunners Mate
Adrienne Schouten      
Sylvia Schwartzkopf      
Carol Selvaggi      
Robert Shelstad      
Elaine S. Smith Herman R. Smith, Jr. US Army Lieutenant Colonel
Jean & Quentin Smith Quentin E.  Smith US Navy  MOMM 3-c
Kyle Smith Harold C. Wrigley US Marine Corps  PFC
Quentin E. & Jean R. Smith      
Rita Smith Delbert Lee Meyers US Army  Sergeant
Robert & Phyllis Smith      
George Stavros      
George John Stavros      
Paul L. & Jean C. Sunderland      
Lois Taylor      
 Anonymous Willis L Elliot US Navy   
Dennison M Thomas      
Daniel L. & Salvatrice Trezza      
Ronald F. & Ronda J Trog      
Ruth A. Vandenbos      
Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 4108      
Donna Walker Roger C. Walker US Navy  Fireman
Glen Ward      
Richard L & Donna Ward Maurice Wayne Rea US Marine Corps Sergeant; on USS Mt Vernon Troop Transport Ship
 WAVES National Unit 70, The Columbia River Ripples      
Gloria Wedel Paul Wedel US Marine Corps WWII Marine Vet
Donald E.  Sr., &Marjorie I. Weyel      
Annette Buswell Whittington Myron H. Buswell US Army Captain
Dennis G. Whittington Norbourn E. Whittington US Air Force C-47 pilot, Europe/N. Africa
Philip Wilens      
Jim Wilson Earl & Jack Lyons US Army  
Mr. & Mrs. John Yeager Dave Troyer US Marine Corps LCPL
Ann & Jim Younger      
Rob Zeh      
Mario Cherry      
Cathleen Connolly      
Marylou & Joseph Cosby Joseph H. Cosby US Army-Infantry Sergeant
Nancy Cretsinger      
R. Virgil Dorsett      
Frederick L Gifford 104th Timberwolf Division    
Cynthia J Griffith Walter Herdt US Navy  Boatswain Mate, Second Class
Paul A. Grinde Ardon Emmett Grinde US Marine Corps Reserve Corporal
Elaine Hempel W. E. Hempel Nong    
Byron Herigstad Oris Herigstad    
Richard Jacobson 104th Timberwolf Inf. Div    
Helga Jean Johnson      
James Johnstone A. Neil Johnstone US Army Air Corps S/Sgt, Flight Engineer B-17
Dave Kapachik Elmer Kopachik US Army SFC
Maxine Wallender Kilcrease Frederick Jacob Wallender US Army Staff Sergeant
George Shay & Rae Lantsburger      
Betty Leonard      
Rod Lewis Edward E. Lewis US Army   Tech 4 Grade(tech SGT) Signal Corps, Pacific Theater, New Guinea, Phillipines, Japan, from 1943-1946
Joseph Mallon      
Charlton Engel Marketing      
Lawrence J Mendenhall James W Mendenhall US Army SSgt
Gail A Nestman Max L Berry US Navy  SeaBees, Unit 510, Chief Carpenters Mate
Gordon Ohman      
MSGT Horst F. Pfand Ret.      
Guy Pierson V.W. Pierson US Navy Lieutenant Commander
Michael C. Provost      
Larry Roberts      
Ed Rose Oregon Band of Brothers    
Thelma Ryall      
Mari Saint-Pierre James Colton Corr US Army Major
Roger & Bonnie Sande      
David Stark      
Amber Joy Stevens      
Lawrence J Swain Lawrence J. Swain US Navy Petty Officer Third Class
Cynthia & Hermon Wallmark      
Marcella A. Warila      
Duane Watt Dr. John F. Wood US Army  Staff Sgt.
Pearle Marie Wheeler William E Wheeler US Army  
Pearle Marie Wheeler Alton E Williams US Army  
Orville Frank Lund Orville Frank Lund US Navy Fireman 1st Class
Le Roy Jacob Gugel Leon Leander Peavy US Marines CPL 4
  Marvin Schliebe US Navy Machinist Mate
  Marvin Schliebe    
  Leon Leander Peavy    
Myrna Jane Gugel Marvin Schliebe US Navy  Machinist. Killed in war 1/14/44
Michael Ashland Meography Incorporated      
Dr. Jerilyn E. Felton George Clinton Felton US Army Sergeant Major, European Theater
Larry & Patti Howard      
Erman and Clara Mays      
William & Janet Pritchett      
Delores L. Thommes LeRoy Peter Thommes US Navy Gunner on USS Salt Lake City
Ellen P. Wilson Willard E. Wilson US Army Sergeant
Mary E. Albricht      
Shawn Anderson      
Donald Ash Don Ash US Navy PHM 1/c; Navy Corpsman with Navy and Marine Forces; Solomon Islands 1943, Purple Heart
Erik Benke      
Don Benson Don Benson US Navy  
Scott & Andrea  Beydler      
Beryl Bonacker Marlyn R. Bonaker US Army Air Corps Chief Master Sgt.
Beryl A. & Auda Bonacker      
Gerald Bonacker Beryl A. Bonacker US Marines Medic
Gerald & Susan Bonacker      
Joe Brooks      
Larry Callaway      
Vicki Carlson      
Don Carney Lt.Col. (ret), USAF      
Dolores M Chapman Forrest M Chapman US Army Tech 4 Sgt
Ralph Cooper      
Nicholas A. Crowson      
Marion Cruickshank John S. Blew US Army  Private 1st Class
Dexter and Nacy Danielson      
Delbert Davis Bud Davis US Navy  2nd Class
Ernie Drew Earl Simpson US Army Air Corps  
Larry Fithian      
Sheryl Forrest Stanley James Forrest US Army Staff Sergeant - Japan 1945-46
Sheryl Forrest Thomas Willard Key US Army - Europe  
Dr. Roger Gertenrich      
Roger & Caryl Gertenrich      
Illene Gonzalez      
Alan Gotlieb      
Tamara Greene Wilburt H. Jarvis Civilian Worked in Portland shipyards
Cynthia J Griffith El Roy C. Nenn US Army Infantry  
Patti Howard      
Joseph H. & Patricia G. Howell      
Molly L. Irons      
Kurt Jaeger H. Paul Jaeger, Jr. US Navy Seaman First Class
Mallon Joseph      
Devis Jubuville Everett Jubuville US Army  
Michelle Laront      
June Leafgren John E. Leafgreen US Marine Corps  
Dennis W Lessar Edward Lessar US Navy  
  Richard Heath US Navy Seabees  
Margie Nixon Margie Miller      
Joanne R Marini      
Dale Pat Martin Oregon Band of Brothers; Richard E Merrell    
Joseph F.& Denise McCauley Denise M. McCauley 104th Timberwolf Division  
Velanne P Mendenhall Robert M Giffin US Army E7
Michael Mills Bill Markham    
Jon Mitchell, FACHE      
Phyllis Moore Jack Moore US Navy Chief Petty Officer
L.D. Morrison John E. Van Lowe Sergeant US US Army
Priscilla R. Morton Paul W. Johnson US Navy  
Marilyn Nathan William J. Nathan US Army  
Richard & Karen O'Neil Sara Sheetz US Navy Pharmacist
Steve & Karen Paden John A. Paden US Navy CPO
Richard W. Palo      
Robert J. Patterson      
Vern Popowski Paul Popowski US Army Air Corps  SSgt
Bret Reddaway      
Jacci Reed Clyde D. Reed US Army Air Corps Sergeant, duty on Guam
Shirley Rods John F. Rods US Army  
Edward & Shirley Rognle      
Claude T Rose      
Scott Rue Ward Hart US Navy 2nd Class Petty Officer
Robert Lee Ryan William John Ryan    
Lucille L. Smith      
Ernest & Janie Stoppel      
Leonard Sutter      
Thomas & Barbara Taylor      
Julian & Alice Thornton      
Keith C. Tucker      
Curt & Erika Warfield      
Bert Whalen Barney M. Whalen US Army Private
Pat  Willner      
Verna Goad      
Laverne Barnett Joseph D. Barnett US Navy  
Ellen H. Bender William A. Bender Air Force S. Sgt.
Vincent Ceccacci Mario Ceccacci US Navy  Seaman
Dee Collins James P. Valent US Army Air Corps Major
Earline A. Witmeyer Donna M. Weaber      
Julie Anne Feinstein      
Stefanie Garton      
Trudie M. Gavette      
Harry Hartley      
John Leitner, Jr.      
Barb Lewis      
Lloyd A. Patterson      
Dwight P. Riggs      
Art Tinker Oregon Band of Brothers    
Georgia K. Willis George O. Haeberle US Navy  
D. Winn      
Jack Wingett      
Harold Demopoulos      
Fr. Kale King      
Warren K. Saufley      
Sassy Spurgeon Earl Lamoine Shultz US Navy Fireman 1st Class; Served on USS Augusta
Jim Huffman and Leslie Spencer      
Tony Leineweber      
Catherine Nelson      
W. David Kolb      
Sally O'Neil      
C. Anne Welch      
Margie Rosenthal      
Don Dutton      
Michael and Cheryl Dotten      
Elizabeth Wolf      
Debra McKenzie      

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